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"Those who came [to Revital's concert] won a jackpot. The award­ winning Israeli pianist Revital Hachamoff played so with as much temperament and intensity that it would have a captured the entire Philharmonic hall under her spell."


"The orchestra rolled for the pianist Revital Hachamoff the red carpet: The Israeli pianist gave George Gershwin

"Rhapsody in Blue" an impressive performance. Her fingers danced at times soulfully softly, then again with acrobatic panache over the keys with her blond curls flying in the air. Big applauses were given for the  rousing interpretation. We would like it would hear more of the successful soloist."

"This is a wonderful recording, a perfect match between music and performer... The balance is exemplary, the pianist most excellent." Amazon  reviews of Elgar Sonata recording with Maxim Vengerov.


"Vengerov and his excellent pianist, Revital Hachamoff, bring out the Brahmsian, often rhapsodic elements of the [Elgar Sonata].... "

"The sharp changes of mood invite an improvisational quality, which both artists naturally respond to...  they make the music flow more easily than either Kennedy (at the beginning of his career) or Menuhin, finding plenty of fantasy, not least in the tricky little upward flourishes...  The pianist, Revital Hachamoff, makes an ideal partner, and the recording ..  is nicely balanced. What a pity we have had to wait so long for [this] outstanding performance...."

Review by Gramophone of recording of Elgar Sonata with violinist Maxim Vengerov.  Also selected as Gramophone's Editor's Choice.

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